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I found out about “Skateboarding Realms” from a skate shop in Houston, when the clerk told me to check out a film some local guys made. That film, which is really just a skate video, is one that I’m glad I got. It’s pretty simple, three skaters, two of which are pros; and an am. The whole thing clocks in at just under ten minutes, but don’t let the amount of riders or the length fool you. There’s a lot of tricks packed into the video, In fact, one guy alone does about 10 tricks in less than 30 seconds.

It starts off where I found out that Mentality Skateboards is located, in Houston, Texas with pro rider Dan MacFarlane. MacFarlane keeps it simple in appearance, but highly technical in skill level. He does tricks that are all about balance and executes them with zero sketchiness. As a Houston skater, the spots he chose to film in seemed pretty underground and unknown; but I think that was his point. Like the idea that anything is a spot. His riding reminds me of a mix of Natas Kaupas and Mike Vallely, but more technical than either of those guys. Sure, he breaks out “Natas Spin” and wallride variations; but he also does one footed everything and even crooked grinds a flag pole. The art of his part is the fact that its’ littered with tricks that seem really easy until you go out and try them and realize how difficult they actually are. His tricks also come off like he’s having a blast and he does them with great ease.

He’s followed by amateur skater Tyler Kelly, also from Houston. His part is short but he’s a super technical skater. One of his tricks, a nollie flip nose manual to 180 out down a drop, is intense. His segment ends with a crazy noseslide up a parking garage ledge, but I really like his trick in the credits too.

The video closes off with a pro from Leeds, UK named Joe Moore. It’s the longest part of the video, but also the most jam packed with tricks. His approach to a trick is to fill it with multiple tricks. He has a flow to the way he skates that’s like skating was back in the early days of street. This guy skates with the technical ease of the street skating Rodney Mullen, while utilizing the switch footed skills of the freestyle skating Rodney Mullen. The cool part about Moore, is that he dominates pretty much every landscape he encounters with fun and ease. The way he attacks a trick is inventive and playful, without feeling like it’s silly. What I liked most about his skating style, was that his trick combos all felt like lines rather than just tricks. Rather than coming off like a stunt skater, his tricks are flowing like video parts from back in the day like the Tommy Guerrero parts from the old Bones Brigade videos. Moore can do more with an elevated patch of concrete than I’ve ever seen before, and the part when he’s on a ramp is just further evidence that he’s on another level. I found out that this guy, who’s not just some technical skateboarding wizard; was also the guy who shot all of his own parts as well as edited it. Which, when you think about it, is pretty crazy.

The whole thing is one of the more creative videos I’ve seen. If you like watching skaters like Gou Miyagi, Daewon Song, and Richie Jackson, you should really like this video. The skating expands how you look at potential spots as well as how you approach them. Though some of the tricks are funny, odd, and different; they’re also creative and thought provoking as the Mentality team skates any environment and makes it look easy. The cool part was that these are tricks that I’ve never seen in a contest or another video, and for that reason alone, it’s worth downloading or picking up the DVD version. For some guys who ride for a company called Mentality, they live up to the company’s name. They approach skating and areas with a completely fresh and alternative mentality than pretty much anyone I’ve ever witnessed before.

– David Garrick

“One of the most creative teams in skateboarding.”

– Concrete Wave Magazine

“You HAVE to check out this video. It’s no joke incredible. The new age Rodney Mullen’s!”

– Poweredge Magazine 

“If you like manual and creative tricks check it!! There are a lot of awesome tricks!”

– Taiichiro Nakamura “Chopper” of the Osaka Daggers, pro skateboarder

“Really inspiring skating, NOT the usual handrail stuff…..Thinking outside the box!  Somehow I draw a parallel to the very old Powell Peralta videos where the everyday skater could relate to some of the tricks shown, got a stoke to go out and work on the tricks.”

– Joachim “Yo Yo” Schulz, legend

“Good stuff…It’s refreshing to see something different”

– Jordan Richter, pro skateboarder / legend

“So good… NICE work… so rad to see the creativity you guys are putting down.”

– Don Brown, legend and founder of Go Skateboarding Day

“Awesome!!!! Got a lot of combos going on… it made me put on my thinking cap… got a few tricks I want to try now.”

– Eric Ricks, pro skateboarder

“I love the video.” – Kilian Martin

“If you like Kilian Martin, Mike Vallely, William Spencer or Richie Jackson, then you’ll appreciate this distinct skating style.” – Green Label

Sean Malto on Dan MacFarlane Skateboarding Realms video part

(Sean was one of the first to see it.)

Gershon Mosley on Dan MacFarlane Skateboarding Realms video part

(Gershon was one of the first to see it.)

“I watched Skateboarding Realms… Yes, Yes, Yes.”

 – Gou Miyagi

“Dug the video, man! Some super creative stuff in there. Couldn’t possibly have even dreamt up some of those variations. Great stuff!”

– Brett Novak

“It was awesome. It’s rad to see some unique tricks for a change.” – Skately

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